Pumbaa's offspring

Champion offspring:
N Ch Spotnik's Tale Teller
NL & Lux Ch First Forest Future Builder
D Ch Checkpoint Bravo's Clyde
DK & SE Ch Dalspots American-Idol

Kennel Solbo's Y-litter, born 1999, dam: Solbo's Nikita.
Solbo's Yamazita has litters at Solbo's kennel, offspring: Ch Solbo's Holly, Solbo's Ester

Solbo's Yamazita- 4mon


Kennel Spotnik's T-litter, born 1999, dam: Spotnik's Onsdag Origo.
Spotnik's Treasure O'Tomorrow has 2 litters at kennel Spotnik: Spotnik's C- and D-litter
NCh Spotnik's Tale Teller has sired puppies at kennel Napori, Daladin and Falabella.

From left: Spotnik's Treasure O'Tomorrow, NCh Spotnik's Tale Teller and Spotnik's Top Trump. Photo: Helle Höie.


Kennel T-Cart's L-litter, born 1999, dam: T-Cart Dazzle.
T-Cart La-Di-Da is the mother of T-Cart's U-litter. T-Cart Lady Classic have had one litter as well.

T-Cart La-Di-Da, T-Cart Loco Motion and T-Cart Lady Classic


Kennel First Forest B-litter, born 1999, dam: IntCh Starlong Smashing Summer.
NL & LuxCh First Forest Future Builder and First Forest Friendly Buccaneer has both been used for stud.

Ch First Forest Future Builder and First Forest Friendly Buccaneer.


Kennel Checkpoint Bravo's C-litter, born 1999, dam: Ch Marta von Schönhagen.
Ch Checkpoint Bravo's Clyde has sired a couple of litters.
Checkpoint Bravo's Celia Perfect has been used for breeding at Plainfield's kennel.

Ch Checkpoint Bravo's Clyde and Checkpoint Bravo's Celia Perfect. Photo: Regina Kossiski


Kennel Kamilkan's U-litter, born 2000, dam: IntCh T-Cart Favola.
Kamilkan's Up to Date has been used for breeding at kennel Daluki.

Top left: Kamilkan Utlänning, Kamilkan Ukkosmyrsky and Kamilkan Uljas Musta
Bottom left: Kamilkan Urpiainen, Kamilkan Ultra Bra and Kamilkan Up to Date. Photo: Liisa Hällström, and Lena


Kennel Deakie, UK. litter born 2002, dam: Deakie Junes Delight.

Deakie Dot Co Dot UK- 4mon. Photo: Claire


Kennel Extra Edition's B-litter, born 2005, dam: Ch Jilloc's Handle in the Wind. 

Extra Edition Best Taste, Extra Edition Breaking Hearts and Extra Edition Big Tasty. Photo: Martina Metschulat


Kennel Boings Q-litter, born 2007, dam: Boings Lola.
Boings Qyria has had 2 litters at kennel Boing.

Boings Qyria. Photo: Inger Hagbohm


Our own A-litter, born 2007, dam: Paper Moon's Dream Catcher.
Ch Dalspots American-Idol has sired 4 litters.
Dalspots Almost-Harmony is the mother of Dalspots C-litter.

Ch Dalspots American-Idol and Dalspots Almost-Harmony